i listen to motown in muddy waters

found out i was supreme

swam through heat waves in tambourine tubes

eating sugar pies with my honey bunch

soothing minstrel pains with soul spells

in beats and hollers to melodies so deep

they carry me la vie en rose from concrete

on strong arms to promise lands

where they trade star strangled banners

for sweet hymns sang in stacked

mahogany pews with outkast undertones

climbing ain’t no mountaintops to roll

down miseducation hills to meet marley in

the valley where we wail and pray

chess moves in God’s grace for baduism

over a picnic of roots and weeds and sway back,

back forth and it begins to purple rain

and i let it baptize me

and i bask in the Black in me that makes

my country’s soul so musical

— negro spirituals built american bandstands



gorgeous rose-colored jupiter.

one day i’ll write a book called jupiter dreams. about 2022 and how we all learned to expand in the discomfort and settle into ease, surprising ourselves with how delicious and gentle we were able to make this life. how the wave of jupiter entering pisces washed us all in deep love and brought pleasure flowing back into our lives. how we all felt backed by loving community and aligned opportunity. each chapter will be filled with tales of mine and my friend’s dreams coming true. healed bodies, words published, babies birthed. we’ll joke about how much like nature we all felt — going from the forever-long barren winter to blooming, everlasting spring. dancing between the raindrops and the warming sun soaking into our golden skin. the time will be ours and it will be glorious.